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Yoga Service within a College Community - Roc Yoga Revolution featured on Huffpost

I first met Lynne Boucher in 2014 at the Yoga Service Conference at Omega Institute.

She had a flock of Nazareth College (Rochester, NY) students who were doing inspiring things both on campus and in the community. Lynne shepherds the award-winning “Yoga Revolution” on Nazareth’s campus, coordinating the service of eight yoga teachers and dozens of student leaders in offering extensive yoga programs to hundreds of faculty, staff, students, and alumni in the campus community. Along with a team of justice-minded yoga teachers, Lynne founded the Rochester Yoga Service Network (RYSN) whose mission is to share the practice of yoga with underserved populations in the Rochester community. In a spirit of cooperation and community engagement, RYSN provides a supportive network for local yoga service providers, including training, reflection, and resourcing. Lynne’s off-campus yoga service work is primarily with urban youth - particularly through two local organizations: Teen Empowerment and Young Women’s College Prep.

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